About Our Restorations

The Texas Fire Museum restores hand-drawn, horse-drawn, and motorized fire apparatus. Our library of historical documents, manuals, and drawings supports research to inform authentic restorations. We assemble skilled mechanics and artisans according to the requirements of each project.


What are some services we offer?

Rebuilding Engines

Fabricating Metal

Fabricating Wood

Refurbishing Upholstery

We resurrect old carburetors, water pumps, distributors, generators, magnetos, and cooling, fuel, and electrical systems.  We offer metal plating, painting, and gold leaf lettering. We can modify antique vehicles to meet modern standards of safety and performance on the road.

Gene Conway - Restorations Manager

The Museum operates the former maintenance shops of the Dallas Fire Department. The shops can handle heavy vehicles and are equipped with specialized tools for servicing fire apparatus. There is a large pumper test room with a 25,000 gallon underground cistern, a paint booth of over 1500 square feet, a wood shop, a vehicle maintenance shop, engine and component shops, a gold leaf area, and more. There are six heavy duty overhead hoists, and industrial power and compressed air stations throughout the facility.